What do I need to bring in order to run my application?

  1. Form of I.D. (Picture I.D. required)
  2. Last 3 paycheck stubs or a letterhead from your employer clearly stating how many hours you work per week, employment start date, and your hourly wage.
  3. Social Security Card (Copy) / IRS Number. (ITIN)
  4. $35 Money Order or Check for application fee. (Per person)
  5. Print the Rental/Owner Background Check Application, completely filled to the office


  • Minimum income equal to 3 times the rent in a month.
  • Applicants must be 18 years or older (Bad Credit is OK)
  • Judgments from previous landlords will be a denial
  • We look at criminal history, felony, and/or misdemeanor convictions. Sexual offense or drug related cases will be an automatic denial.